Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Factors of Exposure on your Fiddler's Creek home...

If you do not already live in Fiddler's Creek you might not know about the importance of which direction your lanai faces.

The direction affects how your house will heat/cool during the day and affect the temperature of your Florida pool. With the hot Florida sun, it is a huge factor for many home buyers.

So what is the best exposure for your Fiddler's Creek home?

This is a highly personal choice. And it is entirely up to you. Here is a brief breakdown of the exposures and their pros and cons:

Northern Exposure

Northern exposure is the least preferred exposure. The pool decks tents to be shaded all day and the sun heats your home from the front all day long. However if the lanai goes out far enough there can be sunlight on the back of the lanai all day and the front on the lanai will stay cool.

Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure is the most popular exposure in Florida, which gives you sunlight on you pool deck all day long. Another benefit of southern exposure is that the sun never shines directly into your home always right across your lanai.

Eastern Exposure

Eastern exposure gives you sunlight on your deck until around 2:00pm afterwards your lanai cools down making it a great place to relax and possible even sit down for drinks. The negative of Eastern Exposure is that the sunlight comes directly into your home in the morning heating your home and causing glare.

Western Exposure

Western exposure gives you sunlight on you pool deck from around 2:00pm on. The downfall with western exposure homes is that the sun heats home around 5:00 when most are getting home for work or in Florida the Golf Course or Beach.

Homes do not always come in the exact direction, sometimes they will face South West, North East and will be a blend of these exposures. So when looking at Florida homes, the best thing to do is go to the home you are interested in at different times of the day. You very well could find that one exposure works much better for you than another.

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