Monday, August 20, 2007


Every Consider Donating Your Real Estate?

Want to do something for your favorite charitable cause? Why not consider donating your real estate! The typical American whose only real estate holding is their homestead is not in the position to donate that priceless asset. But, if you own a second home, have inherited a house, hold vacant land or own a small apartment building and are in a financial position to do so, you may want to give that holding away. Of course, good business sense has to be made concerning the timing and amount of the donation.

Previously, complex legal, financial and organizational issues associated with real estate discouraged most non-profit organizations from accepting these gifts. A second barrier that hindered the gifting process was the struggle to relinquish the property in a timely manner while meeting government guidelines and regulations. Historically, most charities have been unable or unwilling to accommodate gifts of real estate. Times have changed!

Currently, service providers bridge the gap between the desire to give - and for charities to receive. Today these service providers have programs that can help facilitate your real estate donation.

For more information on these programs and real estate donations, contact Carolyn Rzaca, at EliteOne Fine Properties, she can asset you with contacting the right individuals to help you evaluate this charitable option.

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